we need volunteers ...

can you spare a little time to help us get elected?

we need help with all sorts of things: from an hour or so at the polling booths, to putting up corflutes (boards) around the Shire

we also need help with administration and handing out campaign material at our stalls

please give us a hand and start making a difference


please let us know how you can help

thank you for contacting the MAYNE team. We will respond within 24 hours.




Running a campaign costs money. We need to pay for the website, for advertising, for materials like billboards and for merchandise like hats and t-shirts. Without money we cannot get our message out.


So, if you want to help us build a better future then please contribute whatever you can afford.

The MAYNE team can change things with your help ... and, hopefully, you will feel good about it.

And if you can't give us money then perhaps you can help us by volunteering your time. Visit our volunteers' page.

You can donate by by bank transfer to: 





Alternatively, please complete the form below so that we contact you.

thanks for offering to donate to the MAYNE team