Trevor Moore

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Straightforward - Practical

About Trevor ... 

Trevor is a retired IT professional who wants to make a difference by restoring the community’s faith in the Eurobodalla Shire Council’s leadership.

Trevor is married with four children and two grandchildren (so far) and living in Tuross Head after retiring from 40 years consulting on the implications of IT on businesses and people.

Trevor knows that we are custodians of the environment for our children. Trevor’s small contribution to this is as a member of the executive committee of SAGE: locally grown food is fresher, healthier, and more friendly to the planet. 

As we age, community becomes increasingly important. The community contribution Trevor makes comes partly through music as the keyboard player in a local band – and partly through writing whatever occurs to him for The Beagle.

The current Eurobodalla Shire Council  is not performing nor is it properly representing us, it seems to be frightened of the community’s voice. It is failing to show leadership.