What do we stand for?

Democracy is precious. The current Eurobodalla Shire Council  has reduced the opportunity for public participation and has made decision making opaque and inconsistent with the community’s wishes. We will reintroduce open and accountable decision making. Debate that is stifled leads to poor decision-making because all views are not heard.

How will we achieve this?

  • Reinstate and livestream the Public Forum and reintroduce the Public Access session at every Eurobodalla Shire Council  meeting 

  • Rotate locations of Eurobodalla Shire Council meetings across the Shire

  • Hold regular consultations with each Chamber of Commerce and meet with all Chambers twice a year

  • Consult regularly with all Community Associations and have a yearly Associations’ gathering

  • Introduce a register of Councillors' financial and business interests