The MAYNE view


You can find our high level policies here. On this page, below, you can find a summary of our plans to deliver these policies. Click on each to find the detail.


Aspiration is always good, of course, but our focus is always on implementation. A policy needs to be practical and its implementation must make a measurable difference.


As we get closer to the election date we will publish a summary of our policies, their means of implementation and how you will know that we are achieving the objectives that you will have voted for. The order is not significant; if it is important enough to be here then it is important enough to be part of our plan when we are elected.

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Having an ESC Pathways Strategy is not enough when there is no priority or time frame for its completion.  Here's what we think.

12 November 2021


Our environmental policy coversbushland, green space and trees, flora and fauna, climate and energy, and water conservation. Read about our policy here.

3 November 2021


A community first Council culture is essential for effective community engagement. Here's what we plan to do.

12 November 2021

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We are living in uncertain times, but one thing is certain - strong communities prevail. Strong communities are resilient communities. Here's what we will do.

13 October 2021


Anthony Mayne has consistently and courageously fought hard for our community.  Here's what he's done for you.

5 November 2021

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We need to do more. We must do more. We need to reduce 2019’s figure of 440,000 tonnes to zero by 2035. And Council needs to lead. Here's what we plan to do.

28 September 2021

100 days SM picture.png

No one can be in any doubt that the financial position of the Council is in dire straits. Here's what we plan to do.

22 September 2021

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The MAYNE Team supports Dalmeny Matters in their fight to save their forests from a thoughtless development.

4 September 2021

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The emerging post-COVID world will provide economic growth opportunities for those with vision and purpose: the MAYNE team has that vision and that purpose.

14 September 2021


The MAYNE Team will improve transparency and community participation by opening up access to opinion and debate and Council's decision -making processes.

31 August 2021


Read about an example of your Council making apparently arbitrary decisions to stifle debate on matters of community concern.

23 August 2021


We may ask "where do want to be in 20 years?" But there is no answer to that question that we can know today. We do not have a crystal ball. What we need is a conversation. 

17 August 2021


Heatwaves have claimed more lives in the last century than any other extreme weather event, including bushfires. But we have a surprising ally in dealing with extreme heat – the humble tree.

5 August 2021

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Affordable housing is part of our smart development policy. We describe why we need to increase existing housing stock and how we can do this in an environmentally sensible and sustainable way.

1 August 2021

ONE hospital.png

Eurobodalla needs a health care facility appropriate to the needs of its residents. Please sign the ePetition for the delivery of a level 4 Eurobodalla Hospital.

7 September 2021


The MAYNE Team will improve transparency and community participation by opening up access to opinion and debate and Council's decision -making processes.

25 August 2021

breastfeeding pic 1.png

Eurobodalla Shire Council should become a champion of breastfeeding support  and lobby State and Federal governments to endorse the Australian National Breastfeeding Strategy.

12 August 2021

smart dev pic 1.png

We must create a contemporary planning framework that considers the community’s health and well-being into all activities that council has control over, especially those that affect our natural and built environments. 

30 July 2021