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Michelle on paths

As a mother and a local GP, I cannot tell you how important it is to have safe and well-connected communities. 

The foreshore path of Broulee was a major drawcard to my family settling in Broulee 8 years ago. We have used this path countless times through the stages of our children growing up - from pushing prams to learning to ride their bikes, the path has provided a safe space for my children and me to get out and about. Now my kids are older, we ride our bikes to school. 

Much of this path, and its extension into Mossy point, has been funded by our community. And the benefit it has provided to our community is invaluable. As a Eurobodalla GP, a day doesn’t go by, that I don’t promote exercise or active transport to my patients. For many elderly frail patients or those with physical challenges such as those with joint replacements, paraplegia or low vision, the provision of level, safe and connected pathways to shops and amenities, opens up a whole new lifestyle free of getting in and out of cars. For residents without a license or access to a car, it's a lifeline for getting safely to local shops. 

But sadly, in most parts of our shire, it is just not available or considered safe enough. There are some major and serious cracks in the connectivity of pathways between and within our villages and towns. Having an ESC Pathways Strategy is not enough when there is no priority or time frame for its completion.

The MAYNE Team has a plan. And we are keen to get cracking with it.

When elected, The MAYNE Team will…

  • Conduct a review of the Pathways Strategy with community input and address key areas of greatest safety concern within our first 100 days;

  • Review budget expenditure on pathways with a view to increased expenditure through greater resource efficiencies;

  • Lobby the NSW State Government, for greater financial commitments for safe and connected communities;

  • Ensure all new developments have safe, pathways with tree plantings, that provide safe and easy access to amenities and green spaces;

  • Apply for State and Federal grants to build connections between towns.


Here are a couple of projects to start with – let us know how we should add to this list:

  • a connection between IGA Tomakin, Mossy and Tomakin;

  • connect the airport to Moruya so a continuous path is available from Broulee to Moruya.


Finally, I believe all children living within a town, should be able to walk or ride safely to their school. And all residents, no matter what their ability, should have easy access to safe walking, riding, scooting, or whatever their choice of chariot, within the village. We will make this a priority.

ReferenceEurobodalla Pathways Strategy, June 2017 which is described as a “strategy for safe walking and cycling pathways in Eurobodalla Shire” will be almost 5 years old by the time the new Council gets into its stride. The summary of actions on page 88 of that plan seems to have been honoured more in the breach than the observance. We cannot find a progress report on this strategy. There are no satisfactory metrics in the strategy (one example of a measurement is “completion of an integrated network within 20 years” which, given our Shire’s age demographic is interesting).

12 November 2021