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11 July 2021

Smart development involves the community, protects the environment and builds houses
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My son Hugo said to me “I used to love bulldozers, but now I hate them.” He’s 7.

Find out why here.

23 June 2021

Red Door Theatre back to Touring Live Theatre
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"It is wonderful to once again be touring our Shire with our latest play", said Moruya Red Door Theatre President Anthony Mayne.

4 July 2021

Development at Lake Coila endangers another fragile ecosystem
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A proposal that dates back to 1983 threatens a fragile ecosystem at the edge of Coila Lake, Anthony Mayne is asking whether today’s planning is based on yesterday’s decisions…

There is a petition here and more detail here.

28 June 2021

Remnant Bangalay Sand Forest on Community Land destroyed
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When the entry to one of NSW South Coast's most iconic beaches is clear-felled, with the community blindsided, something is wrong. 

See here for full story.

4 June 2021

Sale of former Batemans Bay Bowling Club site should be postponed, says Anthony Mayne
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Anthony Mayne has told Region Media the sale of the former Batemans Bay Bowling Club site should be postponed until the new council is elected in September 2021.

See here for full story.