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a smart and prosperous economy

The emerging post-COVID world will provide economic growth opportunities for those with vision and purpose: the MAYNE team has that vision and that purpose. See here for a summary of our commitments to economic development and growth.

For our Shire to be smart and prosperous we need to increase and diversify economic growth opportunities to create new jobs and businesses and enable existing businesses to grow. We want the Eurobodalla to be a place where, businesses, entrepreneurs, researchers, innovators, and students want to live, work and study.

The current Economic Development Strategy 2019-28 is a good document that lacks only the commitment and resources to implement it. The MAYNE Team has the commitment and we will make the investment in our future.

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Strategy and planning


We need to update the existing Economic Development Strategy 2019-2028 to be relevant in the post-bushfire and post-COVID world. This Strategy needs to be simplified and actioned. It needs to describe how the Council increases its influence on larger stakeholders (such as the State and Federal governments) and it needs to broaden the target industry base.

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Headline economic growth for Eurobodalla has been sluggish

Economic growth will depend upon maintaining our pristine and protected environment while increasing population growth, in part, by improving housing availability.


The population of NSW is expected to grow from 8.5m in 2020 to 11.5m in 2061 (an average annual growth rate of 0.849%). We need to exceed this growth rate and do that in a way that is consistent with community expectations and environmental needs.


There are some key challenges to address:

  • Eurobodalla has the highest aged dependency ratio in NSW and sixth highest in Australia

  • Eurobodalla’s workforce and training participation rate is one of the lowest in the country

  • Eurobodalla has one of the lowest skilled workforces in the country.


None of these (and other) challenges will be fixed in an instant: there are no silver bullets.




We need to dramatically improve NBN speeds (work toward at least 100/40Mbps throughout the Shire) and telecommunications coverage (no mobile blackspots in the Shire).

Many local jobs depend upon our physical transport infrastructure – roads, the airport, harbours: in order to influence larger decision makers, we will develop an Integrated Eurobodalla Transport Strategy that will clearly identify the financial benefits of infrastructure improvements.

Working with energy stakeholders we will develop and implement a Eurobodalla Energy Plan that improves energy availability, reliability and costs. A key component of this will be renewable energy capability.




The current Economic Development Strategy calls for a broadening of the industry sectors that we depend upon. Clearly tourism is important, but it is cyclical.

Attracting jobs into the Shire will help to reduce the average age in the Shire from the current 54 (compared with NSW’s 38). This will increase population and the demand for housing: see our Smart Development policy for how we plan to deal with this.

We must ensure that it’s easy to do business for businesses of all sizes from a sole trader to a larger business by simplifying and speeding up planning and development processes.

We will create business innovation hubs, in physical spaces, that provide expert assistance to new start-ups and that provide advice on grants and capital raising.

We will design and implement a “doing business in Eurobodalla” strategy and plan with the aim of leveraging GRP growth to be within the upper quartile of NSW local area growth rates.

Jobs and skills


Small businesses – especially including sole traders – are the heart and lungs of a local economy. We will work with the local Chambers of Commerce, and other key stakeholders, to align business growth with skills development by tying in educational providers to our plans and actions.

We will work to influence key stakeholders to improve and expand current educational provision within the Shire eg TAFE, UOW, Community Colleges.

When elected, the The MAYNE Team will:


  1. Work with the Chambers of Commerce, businesses and the community to urgently focus on post-COVID recovery for growth

  2. Create business innovation hubs, in physical spaces, that provide expert assistance to new start-ups and that provide advice on grants and capital raising

  3. Work with Chambers of Commerce, the community and businesses to revitalise our high streets

  4. Ensure that business development projects such as the Mogo mountain bike trails are adequately supported by necessary infrastructure

  5. Influence key stakeholders to improve and expand educational provision within the Shire

  6. Update the existing Economic Development Strategy 2019-2028 as the basis for longer term development.


See also the NSW Government's Rising to the challenge.

14 September 2021