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community centres

We are living in uncertain times, but one thing is certain - strong communities prevail. They more surely ride the waves of disaster and thrive through mutual support and cooperation. Strong communities are resilient communities. 

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The local council is the level of government that is closest to the people and that means that the local Council must have the community at the heart of everything it does - at the heart of every decision it makes. Maintaining a connection with the community - and maintaining the community’s trust - is critical to the effective working of a local council. Without connection, there is no community. And without a community, we are all - each of us - alone.


We need a practical and affordable Neighbourhood and Community Centre plan that will:

  1. promote community participation, 

  2. build community capacity, 

  3. facilitate the formation of clubs, societies and other common interest groups, 

  4. facilitate partnerships that enhance the provision of services to those in need, and 

  5. address key health and wellbeing needs within the community by connecting people to community and services.


Most importantly, a solid and workable approach to providing neighbourhood and community centres will help services support vulnerable individuals and families with complex needs. Neighbourhood and community centres can connect people to social programs and support services, including counselling, parenting help, financial literacy or crisis supports.


The Mayne Team will bring back the heart of council by revitalising high streets, establishing community hubs for learning and fun with friends and to provide easy access to services. This must be supported by a ‘community first’ program will see Council adopt a new community-focused way of working, including resuming the live stream of public forums and opening committee meetings to media. Our ‘community first’ program recognises that public service only serves when it’s responsive, transparent and accountable.


We need a network of places where people can meet - where people can connect, where people can feel safe and supported. These places need to be geographically convenient - they must be easy to get to. They must be functional facilities - warm when they need to be, cool when they need to be and equipped for the needs of the people that use them. And they need to be affordable.


Maybe this is a lot  to ask for but it is not a lot to expect. It will be difficult to balance what we want with what it will cost … but then it always is. Most of us do that juggling everyday. But there is money. There are grants. There are efficiencies that we know can be found in Council’s operations.


We can do this. We will do this. It is not an option.


It is part of the glue that holds us together.

When elected, the The MAYNE Team will:


  1. develop a Neighbourhood and Community Centre strategy and plan

  2. implement that plan to create a network of convenient and functional centres


12 October 2021