Anthony's hits

If the past five years of council have taught us anything, it is that it is hard being a minority voice standing up to those who do not wish to be challenged, who do not like being asked questions and the shining of lights in dark places. 

Anthony Mayne has consistently and courageously fought hard for our community. 

Imagine how good it would be if there were more voices like Anthony’s, asking questions, speaking with the community, and directing the General Manager and her senior executives to do what they are employed to do – to serve the Eurobodalla community. 

The MAYNE Team is the only team of candidates for the Eurobodalla Shire Council elections with a current Councillor who has consistently proved that he has the interests of the community in his heart and in his voting record. As well as this, Anthony won two elections for Deputy Mayor in his first two years.

Want more of this type of action and a voice of reason?


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Here is a list of some of Anthony’s work and what he has managed to achieve, often without a majority vote:

Protecting your hip pocket

  • Voted against rates rises for our community because they were not justifiable

  • Voted against allowance increase for councillors because an increase was not in line with community expectations

  • Voted against the recent budget because it was neither well-constructed nor justifiable

  • Voted against the budget for the Mackay Park project due to the impact to the annual budget and therefore on rates

Protecting the community

  • Voted against leasing out Bay Community Centre and then moved an unsuccessful recission motion to reverse the decision

  • Successfully advocated for the retention of the Bay Bridge south side boat ramp through a Question on Notice following meeting with local fishing groups

  • Successful urgent motion on behalf of the Araluen Community for a meeting with Council about the road slip issues which were preventing them from convenient access to facilities

Protecting the environment

  • Moved a successful motion to advocate to State Gov to change the animal companion act to ensure a cat curfew from dusk to dawn in order to protect our wildlife

  • Advocated against the sale of community blocks of land in Broulee, Durras, Pretty Point because these are community land that provides green spaces 

  • Successfully moved a motion with South East Transport Strategy Group (Anthony sits on the executive) to set up a NSW trail of the virtual fence to promote road and wildlife safety

  • Advocated against the signing of the Rural Lands Strategy because of significant issues that the community were not made aware of that would have a fundamental impact on how we manage our Shire’s development

  • Advocated on behalf of Tuross community to maintain the community grasslands and tabled their petition in Council

  • Seconded successful motion to divest from fossil fuels to assist in the reduction of Council’s emissions

  • Instigated a ban on single use plastic bags in Shire facilities

Fighting for integrity

  • Voted against the sale of the Moruya Racecourse as he was unable to advise the community that the price of $1.1m was acceptable

  • Unsuccessful rescission motion to reintroduce the live streaming of the Public Forums to enhance transparency and engagement with our community

Keeping the community safe

  • Elected to the SEATS executive committee to advocate for safer and more proficient regional transport

  • Advocated for the Tuross intersection with highway, a terrific collective project with all levels of government that will result in safer Shire roads

  • Voted against the use of Council property for the sale of guns because a place without guns is a safer place

3 November 2021