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Affordable housing: the smart thing to do

Trevor writes ... 

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The MAYNE Team’s approach to affordable housing is part of our smart development policy. Team member Michelle Hamrosi spoke about this at the Council Public Forum on 13 July 2021. You can find her remarks here. No member of The MAYNE Team has any professional link to any property developer. No member of The MAYNE Team, or their immediate family, would benefit from any proposed rule changes to either residential or commercial development approval or from any current applications. Members of The MAYNE Team have extensive social contacts and some of these may be in or related to the property business but none of these contacts is or could be construed to be a conflict. The MAYNE Team will investigate the feasibility (which means we think it should be done) of a Register of Councillors’ Interests along the lines required by the Federal Parliament.

Affordable Housing is part of The MAYNE Team’s smart development policy. We need to increase the existing housing stock for two main reasons. The first is, of course, that we must increase the availability of affordable housing. The second is that we need to encourage economic growth and that depends upon population growth and upon giving younger people a reason to stay in Eurobodalla and work and raise their families in Eurobodalla. So, how will we do this? Housing developments take time; there are no magic wands. Smart development requires smart planning and even smarter execution. The MAYNE Team will look to form public/private partnerships, whose formation will depend upon an open tendering process and upon open and transparent consultation with the community. These partnerships will develop affordable housing and will develop financial mechanisms for enabling people to afford them.

There is nothing that should stop this from happening although The MAYNE Team is fully aware that it will be hard and that we will have some major stakeholders, particularly at the State level, to influence. 


When elected, the The MAYNE Team will:


  1. establish partnerships designed to increase the stock of available housing

  2. ensure that the development of affordable housing is aligned with economic need i.e. where the jobs and businesses are

  3. create a Register of Councillors’ Interests along the lines required by the Federal Parliament

1 August 2021